MicroStock Industry

Or How To Make Money Out of your Photographs and Images

The Microstock industry is open to anyone with an Internet connection, a computer and some image editing software or a digital camera.

We recommend everybody to try it.

Almost everyone can make some money out of it and the best thing is that once an image is accepted on an agency site it can keep on selling with no more intervention.

For a basic introduction to Microstock photography have a look at these articles :

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Microstock Image File Definitions

If some of the images over there look familiar that might be because they are available here!

So now that you are sold on making your fortune through Microstock have a look at our Agency comparison site, sign up to a few and start uploading images. You'll soon be making Money!

A comparison of Microstock Agencies for photographers

Obviously if you have taken a look around our site you will know that Photographs are not the only things sold through Microstock Agencies, illustrations are big part of the industry and actually sell much better through some Agencies. Illustrations can be vectors produced from something like Adobe Illustrator, or bitmaps and the bitmaps can be created in an editing software such as Photoshop or from 3D renders from software like Poser or Daz.

To be completely upfront about it, there are a number of ways to make money out of Microstock. Should you sign up through one of the links on our website and we have an association with that Agency, we will get a finders fee commission. But then you already knew that the Internet is fueled through advertising referrals, didn't you?

Why else do you think people post free tutorials and information on expensive websites ........